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Live music as a healing balm

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Live music as a healing balm

There are studies showing that attending live music concerts can reduce the effect of the amount of an individual’s hormonal level. The stress is one of the factors that hormone level increases. Sometimes as stress is overpowering your activities of daily living, it can cause you ineffectivity in your work, perhaps your duties at home and other things that can hinder your productivity. There are other factors which can cause an individual to loosen his or her optimal wellness which can be very disturbing.


Live music in which those people who sing songs that can soothe the mind, body and soul are genuinely blessed to have such gifts furthermore the significance of live music has decreased tension anxiety than those of a taped music. Moreover, live music has truly changed one’s value of perception when it comes to releasing of negativity and it makes you feel more into the music because you can hear the singer livelier and is speaking through your soul.

Have you ever been to a live music performance wherein beforehand, you felt a little emotionally heavy and at the same time you are feeling a little discomfort on the physical, but when you are starting to listen to the live band performing, the lyrics and music begins to touch your soul? This is one situation wherein most people would agree during at the time of a live band because you not only know the performer, but you also hear the lyrics that are getting into your senses. Most lyrics that are based on a true story or the composer of the song has undergone the same situation as yours and has translated it to lyrics, you would be surprised how one song can be so much relatable to you.


The ecstatic feeling of seeing a live music performance is different compared to the usual tape recorded. Its feeling is indescribable and unforgettable. Making memories with a night hearing real sounds of instruments being played and singing together with your music band creates fun which leads you a reaction to your body. You would feel more relaxed; there is a release muscle tension as you are listening to the songs and beat. It makes you feel like you do not want the night to finish and just go on with the band playing. As this happens your body releases serotonin and new cells are formed rejuvenating all that is in you. It is like your strength is renewed.

A performer of musicians comes in many forms and plays differently from one another. It is their gift that they are able to share to you the meaning of being indulged with music. You would feel the passion on how they bring people to their music. Some would even lead to a meditation as they make their way hitting your soul from top to bottom. You would be surprised how it changes your mood from having a bad day to another level of mood. Do not regret live performance. You have to experience what it is like to be singing and dancing. Music has its own way of reaching people and that is through the heart and soul of a person.

Engaging to the World of Arts and Entertainment

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Engaging to the World of Arts and Entertainment

Dwelling into the industry of arts and entertainment is certainly the most exciting part that will ever happen in your life. You would get to see exciting things like creative performances from different countries through their framework of cultures and tradition. Creative arts and entertainment are basically held as in a big event. Most performances are planned and details should be discussed in a serious manner in which everything has to be done perfectly. As you wish to plan for a creative event you need to have people to coordinate and organize the event. The goal of arts and entertainment is to showcase talents that are excellent in performance and are skillful enough to bring people to another level of experience. Mostly are professional artist who performs either in a formal or informal theme of the event.

Scheme the event for a few months or even years before prior to the tentative date- this will give you a time frame as to when you want to present your planned presentation.  Comprehensive strategies are done in a way that they do not settle for a complacent performance, but rather go beyond what is best for people to realize how arts and entertainment can be very influential to a person’s life. To be able to reach out to more people in the appreciation of arts and entertainment you need to deliver a strengthening value of the culture, history and preserving heritage, building a sense of character towards the community, to enhance community participation and engagement of activities this means that inviting people to see your performance is one way of promoting the industry of arts and entertainment leading to a rise of the economic status.


Arts and entertainment does not only focus on the music, costumes and lines and or lyrics that is presented, but it also gives the opportunity for other areas of art such as graphic designing, architectural, literature and folk life activities. There are also a variety of outlets wherein talents are showcased these are acting, singing, dancing, directing, photography, poetry and writing, declamation. These outlets can be coordinated and can be incorporated into one production, making a one whole big event. People who are engaged in such activities are those who are passionate to share their talents with people who are also interested in this kind of activity. They give encouragement to those who are having second thoughts about their ability to perform.

Arts and entertainment has indeed made a big difference in the industry by reaching out to people who are not confident. One way of boosting such talents is to show them that they too can do it. The use of innovative ideas such as tools and other products displays the talents of those who have hand crafted the art. In this industry being able to give the best of the best pays off the hard work that they have prepared until it’s time to show. Creativity is a freedom of expression in which artist and musicians are able to show towards people who are in line with arts and entertainment.

The Effects of Live Music and how it affects one’s Perception

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The Effects of Live Music and how it affects one’s Perception

Listening to your favorite music gives you a positive vibe. It gives you a soothing effect as it flows towards your inner senses, making you more intimate with the songs that you hear. You value the musician even admire and appreciate the kind of songs and music that he or she creates. The principle of music has largely moved so many people in expressing themselves through the songs they make. Music has populated the minds even to the youngest generation to become creative. Do you know that while you are studying classical music makes your muscle nerve-endings more relaxed and at the same time it can help you retained good memory as you study? Yes! This is typically true to all those who have experienced it. That is how music became extraordinary as it brings you to another height of experience.


As you are drawn by your favorite artists, sometimes they perform on a level in which you get to see them live. There is a difference between the music that you hear on the radio and the live music that you hear in real life or up close and personal. Some musicians as they perform live, its either they maintain the song or change it and make another version of it like through the use of acoustic instruments. As music progresses, so is the performance of your favorite musician. They bring you to a place filled with songs and wonderful sounds.

The effect of live music depends on the genre that is being played by a certain artist. For some people music is a healing balm for their soul. This means that music has really affected the entire being of one’s person. There is music that has a healing effect for those who are suffering from any illnesses. Although this is not scientifically proven that music can heal otherwise people would look up to musicians as doctors. This has a palliative approach in which it makes one person being rejuvenated. That is why most people who are experiencing tough times in their lives one of the first thing would do is listen to a live music. Music can only affect a person’s behavior, emotions, and even physical well being.

Live music has a different approach when it comes to performance. People can appreciate the musician if he or she is also good live on stage. You would see how he or she adjusted few notes as they sing and play their songs. Getting involved in live music performance makes you become part of someone else’s story the only difference is that it is expressed through music. You would then feel how this particular musician pours out his or her lyrics in a sense that you would also feel the emotions. If you want to become like this kind of musician, take it wholeheartedly as if you are investing and making relationship with music. When the time comes that you ought to perform live music, people would then recognize your ability in front of your music followers.


A Call to Music Creates Impact

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A Call to Music Creates Impact

Music is known for its greatest impact towards the lives of many people. Music elevates different kinds of moods and it makes everyone jive into its lyrics and beat. Its magnificent symphony creates a soothing ambiance as it drifts you to another level of experience. The influence of music has drawn many people to become its lover in composing notes, making it lyrical and mind blowing especially when it is derived with sounds. It has led many people to become great artist and the more artists compose good music, this makes one composition of music becoming influential.

clef-799259_960_720  Sometimes you are identified with the era of music you belong, but this does not stop you from listening to other genre of music. There are so many types of genre and all of these are created and leveled up according to the musician’s choice. If you believe that you can make a difference by composing your songs and to let all people hear the kind of music that you create then being part of the Graham’s Music industry is a guide for you to be exposed to different knowledge of composing.  Through learning and experience it will mold you to do excellent and quality kind of music. Doing an extra mile for you to achieve your goals is one way for you to grow as an individual person as well as becoming one of the great influential musicians of all times. You would be surprised how things have changed from the moment you started up to the present times.


Music in general can truly connect different kinds of people no matter where you live; no matter what race you belong. The sound of music creates unity in different walks of life. Your type of music can be someone else’s favorite type of music too, and in this way you became good friends with people whom you have never met before. There is one common factor that binds two different people and that is through music. Imagine life without music? It would be the dullest point in living a life having nothing to hear even the slightest strum of a single string. It is like living a dry dying world with no colors in it.

Musicians are one of the creative people that you would come up close and personal. If you ask them what influences them to create music they may have so many reasons but one thing for sure, they love what they are doing and they believe in their selves that being influential can truly make a difference and touch people’s lives as they listen to your music. Make sure that what you are investing with lyrics is understandable and can help people regain confidence, cheer them up when their sad and sending positive messages. You will never know how it will be a great impact and influence your music will be until one day you will meet all the people whom you have shared life through the call of music.

It’s been a while

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The band

Well, it’s been a long time and finally we are back. We aren’t back into playing just yet, however we wanted to keep the blog going as a way to connect with all our fans. It’s weird the way things work, people change and move apart but when it comes down to it passion is the one thing that unites us and keeps us sane.

So keep on the lookout in the next few months, we might be releasing some new stuff but for now we’ve decided to keep this as a blog to share the best of the best music and videos. As creatives at heart, we cherish and love all artists regardless of what specific arena of art they are involved in. So to that.. Cheers!

Keep on the lookout for more updates about whatever the hell I want to talk about. Yup, I might talk about the new Justin Bieber album or how big Nicki Minaj ass is. Point is, music is music and I love it. So goodnight and love all of your backwards ass Internet junkies.